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infirno_snake's Journal

31 May
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i sing(yell, scream), play drums, go to shows, dance/mosh it up in the pit, listen to hardcore, punk, underground hip-hop, rock, metal, some indie, all that good stuff..If you are in the Iowa/Illinois area, X 2HxC4U X
Straight X Edge . phreakXcore
3 inches of blood, 625 thrash, 9 shocks terror, allan ginsburg, anime, asian cinema, assfort, asshat, atari, athiesm, bane, black flag, black metal, black sabbath, bleeding through, boy wunder, breakdowns, breakfast, cattle decapitation, charles bukowski, children of bodom, chuck palahniuk, computer security, crest fallen, damage deposit, dead kennedys, dead nation, death metal, dexter chumley attack, down in flames, drums, ds-13, dungeons and dragons, e.t.a., elminster, evil dead series, exclaim, forgotten realms, fork knife spoon, fuck on the beach, fuck the mpaa, fuck the riaa, fuck...i'm dead, fuerza x, good horror movies, good metalcore, gore, grind, grindcore, hacking, hardcore, hardcore punk, hating politics, he who corrupts, hellnation, heresy, holding on, hxc, ichi the killer, iron maiden, jellyroll rockheads, killing fake hardcore, kungfu rick, kurt vonnegut, lack, lie, magic the gathering, mayhem, metal, minor threat, misfits, modernlifeiswar, motorhead, napalm death, oldschool punk, orcs, organ!, outwar.com, pg. 99, phreaking, pig destroyer, poison the well, politics, power metal, preacher gone to texas, prodigy, pulp fiction, punk rock, quad cities, quentin tarantino, ramones, rhapsody, scholastic deth, selfish, senile citizens, seven samurai, showering ashes, slash, slayer, soophie nun squad, soulseek, step forward look west, straight edge, takashi miike, tear it up, testament, the creepy kids, the futures, the hope conspiracy, the vandals, thrash, underground indie hip-hop, vitamin x, vomit for breakfast, weird al, wesley willis, what happens next, x-ray specs, xbxrx, xfilesx